Student agreement

On arrival, students are required to sign a student agreement, drawn up in line with the EMJM's Student Agreement Guidelines, which defines their collective rights and duties and those of the TPTI team.
This signature, which is not easy for students from third countries who are not used to this contractual approach, is an important moment for discovering the practices of European citizenship.

From a pedagogical point of view, the student undertakes to respect the timetable and the university calendar, to attend compulsory courses, to justify any absences and to take part in the examinations at the end of each semester; the master's programme undertakes to provide the student with scientific and methodological information consistent with the objectives of the master's programme, with the syllabuses and information concerning the course of study, with the examination regulations, to assign the student a tutor and to provide appropriate tutoring in each university, and to assess the student in a neutral, clear and transparent manner.
In terms of teaching, students undertake to respect the rules of secularism and freedom of expression in force at each university.

From an administrative point of view, students undertake to remain in Europe during the two years of the Master's program (excluding school vacations), not to be absent for more than three consecutive weeks per year, and to accept the accommodation offered by the universities they attend during the program, if they have confirmed their reservation. At the same time, the Master's program is committed to guaranteeing the most appropriate financial solutions for accommodation at each university, and to assisting with all visa formalities.

From a financial point of view, the master's program undertakes to clearly indicate the conditions of payment of scholarships in accordance with the procedures established by the EACEA and the coordinating university, to make regular reimbursements and to check each year what additional national or European scholarships are available for students who do not benefit from an Erasmus Mundus scholarship.




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