University of Alicante


The University of Alicante was created in 1979. Today, it hosts and trains more than 36,000 students, 2,500 of whom being international students. It offers more than 80 undergraduate programs and 96 graduate programs. It is proportionally one of the fastest growing universities in Spain, housing 227 research groups in Social and Juridical Sciences, Experimental Sciences, Technological Sciences, Human Sciences, Education Sciences and Health and 15 Research Institutes (Water & Environment, Materials, Electrochemistry, Biodiversity). Within the University, the Technology Transfer Office is responsible for all industrial research and corporate liaison activities, aiming to strengthen cooperation between the University and companies as well as promote international activities relating to regional companies via the Office of International Management.

Alicante is a young and dynamic university with faculty that have extensive experience in the implementation of national and international projects, regularly funded by the EU in different programs and fields, offering a partnership experience with more than 60 countries. Among other projects relating to the analysis of a territory in a perspective of rehabilitation and valorization, the following can be mentioned: TEMPUS IV SWAN (Towards sustainable water resources management in Central Asia); the project being "Analysis of the implementation and evolution of business connected with the Taibilla canals in the province of Alicante and their impact" financed by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2015; the project being "Investing in the past to preserve the future: Buildings of the first modern period in the province of Alicante" funded by the Diputacion Provincial de Alicante in 2015; the project being "Economic, social and environmental analysis of the Tajo-Segura exploitation" financed by the Caja de Ahorros del Mediterraneo in 2008.

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