University of Padova


The University of Padova, founded in 1222, has 32 departments, 8 schools, 1 graduate school, 31 libraries and 2,092 teachers.

Semester two of the TPTI Erasmus Mundus Master, which takes place in Padua, Italy, focuses on industrial heritage from different disciplines involved in knowledge, conservation and enhancement of industrial heritage.

The teaching team is made up of professors, university researchers and experts, who are among the best specialists for this discipline on an international level. This collaboration between expert scientists and professionals is essential to develop a systematic interaction between disciplines (history of economy and society, history of industry and business, history of techniques and work, industrial archeology, anthropology, ethnography, history of architecture, history of art, museography, archives management, etc.), which deals with the knowledge of machines and production cycles as well as the processes of safeguarding, rehabilitation and management of goods related to industrial civilizations.



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