University of Sfax


The University of Sfax was created in 1986. Since its’ beginning, Sfax has experienced a steady growth  in the number of students, the number of specialised teachers and the quality of training in its institutions. Today, Sfax is experiencing a new era of development and restructuring, with 56 laboratories and 43 research units in several specialisations of research. During the last decade, the University has fully embraced the logic of « international openness » as well as that of good governance, quality assurance and modernization of management. The European programs are an opportunity for the University of Sfax to meet the challenges of internationalization and the development of its visibility with partners in different countries, offering a new impetus for expansion and an allowance in the improvement of its’ranking.

As a hub for North-South exchange, Sfax participates in numerous international projects. For example: TEMPUS IV INFOBC (Innovation in training for cultural property: a new Euro-Mediterranean curriculum for the recognition and preservation of cultural property), questions cultural heritage as an opportunity for the development of innovative economic activities and the offering of opportunities for sustainable development and employment; Erasmus + KA2 UNIMED (Union of Universities in the Mediterranean), whose aim is to promote university research and training in the Euro-Mediterranean region and contribute to the process of scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation.




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