The evaluation of students is based on the awarding of European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), in accordance with the EU Bologna Process. The marks are centralized by Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne, which ensures a transcript of grades for every semester.

Evaluations are based on continuous monitoring, the production of a thesis, the delivering of exercises and projects.

- For seminars and methodology courses: diligence; reading reports, oral and written exercises;

- For internships and field visits: attendance and the drafting of reports;

- For the collective project: participation and quality of the project.

The evaluation of mobility in partner universities (Spain, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Mexico, Brazil) includes the validation of seminars and the writing of a final synthesis report.

The final thesis assesses the ability of a student to develop research or action research by mobilizing the skills acquired during their studies. The format must comply with the requirements defined by each university.

It consists of two parts: the actual thesis and the individual report for the tutored collective project.

1. The Thesis. This evaluates the ability to conduct research or action research: choice and delimitation of a subject, an appropriate bibliography, historiographical positioning, analysis and interpretation of sources, development of a problem and hypotheses. The acquisition of these skills is reached in connection with seminars and methodology courses.

2.The Collective project. This evaluates the ability to design and develop a joint project between students with language skills, training and a distinct culture. The evaluation also focuses on the originality of the project: collecting data, valuing the objects studied by mobilizing various communication tools.



The student gives a report of their work during a defense, before a jury, organized according to the standards in force at the university of defense. It must include an external reporter who is a member of one of the universities in the Master’s. Defenses may be organized face-to-face or by web-conference or both.


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