Tutored Project

The Tutoral project is an opportunity for students to work and develop collectively, a project connecting to the value of an object and / or a know-how in a particular field of heritage. Groups are interdisciplinary, covering the their direction of expertise: history, architecture, archeology, museum studies, management, law or other. Each group, supervised by a tutor, will work on a project which develops methods of valuation : the site, a virtual museum, an exhibition, etc.

The completion of the tutored project is a highlight of the transfer of skills and knowledge provided by this Master Degree. Students are encouraged to meet professionals of their choice to strengthen their work. On a collective level, this project takes the form of an online publication presented to the public. On an individual level, the works achieved by each student is developed in the second part of their memoire.

The objective of this is to train students in how to achieve collective from multidisciplinary and intersectoral approaches.



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